Agency Workers Insurance

The selling of insurance schemes to agency workers hit the headlines recently, after it came under the spotlight from Shadow Business Secretary, Chuka Umunna. It has emerged that a number of agency businesses are being investigated and we are pleased to confirm that Smart Solutions is not one of these.

If the allegations are proven to be accurate, it would of course be alarming that a number of recruitment agencies could be implicated in mis-selling insurance in this way and bringing the rest of the industry into disrepute.

To clarify our position, we have been approached by insurance companies to sell such schemes to our workers, but have declined, our internal compliance team felt at that time there was indeed a risk of potentially unethical behaviour and accusations of miss-selling.

Smart Solutions provides cover for accidents travelling between assignments as a matter of course, and do not seek to charge for this. In addition, our standard T&Cs outline the requirement for businesses using our services to be fully insured including Public and the necessary Employers Liability insurance policies when using flexible workers.

It is concerning that certain agencies are 'up selling' benefits to workers which they already have as standard on a block basis, rather than looking at individual needs and requirements. In some instances, we have seen businesses auto-enrolling people into deductible schemes, while some are even charging a fee to cover their own standard business insurance.

Smart Solutions staff are its greatest asset, and we work hard to develop benefits that ensure their welfare and employment experience is positive and beneficial for them.

If a business has any concerns or questions about insurance covering its flexible workforce provided by its current supplier, we are happy to confidentially review the arrangements, free of charge, using our in-house compliance and legal experts.