Smart Solutions have been touched by the generous and life changing support that their colleague Deb Vincent has received from the Bobath Charity, and have made a commitment to do their very best with fund raising activities in support of their work, whilst celebrating our first five years in business.


Deb’s son Jack contracted Meningitis when he was 4 weeks old and as a result suffered a series of mini strokes which resulted in brain damage leading to a diagnosis of Athetoid Cerebral Palsy.

After much research on therapies, when Jack was 7 months old his parents decided to contact the Bobath Childrens Therapy Centre in Cardiff, after reading and hearing very positive feedback from parents and stories on their website.

In March 2012, when Jack was 14 months old, he began an intense 4 week block of physio at the Bobath Centre in Cardiff. Each day consisted of a 2hr session with a Physiotherapist, and a Speech Therapist. Bobath and Jacks parents established goals they hoped Jack might accomplish during the block therapy, such as developing his core strength to enable him to sit up unaided and feeding therapy, as Jack is currently fed through an NG tube. During the sessions, Jacks parents were given exercises to do with Jack and tips on handling him in order to help maintain his correct posture. NHS Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Speech Therapist were also invited to attend to see how the exercises should be carried out. He also had sessions with the Speech Therapist concentrating on feeding and oral exercises. The family found these sessions extremely useful and were given postural exercises to do with Jack that not only would help develop his oral skills but also provided tips on breathing control and sounds to watch out for in case of aspiration.

The family were very pleased with Jack’s progress during the sessions, and feel jack has benefitted from the therapies enormously, meeting a lot of the goals set for him, such as feeding correctly from a spoon when he was in the right position, his head control has improved a lot and he is able to sit unaided for a few seconds when he feels like it! they have also noticed that Jack has been a lot more vocal since the therapies, and is making a lot more different sounds and noises.

Bobath have agreed to fund another block therapy for Jack later on in the year and the family can’t wait to attend again in hope that they see still further improvement.

The Bobath Centre is a specialist treatment centre providing individually tailored therapy for children who have cerebral palsy and other allied neurological conditions. Their aim is to improve the quality of life for children so that they are healthy and active, and can participate in everyday life to the best of their ability.

The Bobath approach to the treatment and management of cerebral palsy is internationally recognised, their therapists have been improving children’s lives for over 50 years and treat around 300 children every year.

Bobath need as much financial support as they can and we hope our contribution helps them to continue their good work for Jack and other children.

The Mad Hatters Ball

Smart Solutions are putting on this fundraising event on Saturday 23rd of November, from 7pm at the Mecure Holland House Hotel, Cardiff, if you would like to take part please drop me a line

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