For the purpose of this policy, Smart Solutions (Recruitment) Ltd will be referred to as ‘SSR’.

 SSR views complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, as well as a chance to put things right for the person or organisation that has made the complaint.

 We encourage all of our staff to work with customers and try to find a resolution to any expressions of dissatisfaction without the need to use the formal complaints process.

 In many cases we can resolve an issue very quickly - by putting the problem right straight away and to our customers satisfaction. We consider these types of cases as informal service issues.

However, when a customer is unhappy about the way that a service issue or request was handled, they should be referred to this policy.

 SSR will respond promptly to complaints received. The Trust is committed to providing a high quality service.


 SSR welcomes comments from its clients regarding the efficiency of the service it provides.  Whenever a complaint is received regarding the quality of its service SSR will carry out an investigation in accordance with the procedures laid out in this policy.

 Complaints and/or comments regarding the quality of SSR service can be made by one of the following methods:

  • by letter; please address it to:

HR Department

Smart Solutions Recruitment

Raleigh House

Langstone Business Village


NP18 2LH


  • by telephone; 01633 415600
  • in person; at any Company’s offices

 *Complaints with regards to any driver’s related issues can also be investigated by FTA (Driver Agency Accreditation Scheme) and any findings considered by the Governance Group.  In order to log a complaint you must have used SSR for the purpose of hiring drivers and have already complained to SSR directly and had an unsatisfactory outcome.

To log a complaint please visit: https://fta.co.uk/services/excellence-schemes/driver-agency



 When dealing with a customer, if there is uncertainty to whether the customer is complaining, ask the customer if they would like to register a formal complaint. 

 When a complaint, enquiry or compliment comes to SSR and there is uncertainty about which category is should be assigned to, then please refer to HR Department for guidance.

 The complaint, enquiry or compliment must then be passed to HR Department for logging it on Zoho Projects. Once a complaint or enquiry is logged the HR Department will send an acknowledgment communication explaining the process.  The complaint or enquiry must then be assigned on Zoho Projects to the relevant Manager for response.

 The complaint must be acknowledged in writing within 5 working days. A full written response should be sent within 10 working days unless third party circumstances prevent this. In such cases the complainant should be informed of an anticipated timescale. If this is unsatisfactory the complainant will have the right of appeal to the next stage.

 If the complainant would like a third party/person to represent them we will require written confirmation in order to proceed.

 Receipt and exchange of any communication regarding the complaint, enquiry or compliment should be recorded on Zoho Projects.


The Stages of Responsibility are:         

Stage 1 –           The first complaint or enquiry that is registered should be passed to the relevant Manager for response. Where a complainant(s) is unhappy with the response to his/her complaint this must be logged, including the outcome of any investigations and then passed to the next stage.

Stage 2 –           If the complainant is unhappy with the response provided at Stage 1 and contacts SSR again

regarding the original complaint then this must be passed to HR Department for review/response.

Stage 3 –           If the complainant is still unhappy with the response provided by HR Department the complaint must be referred to SSR Chief Executive or Board of Directors as applicable.



 A report will be presented during annual Management Review Meetings where complaints and enquiries will be analysed and re-occurring patterns evaluated as well as preventing and corrective actions agreed where possible.


 The HR Department will monitor the complaints process to include:

•   The number of complaints, enquiries and compliments within the last quarter

•   The number of complaints acknowledged within 5 working days

•   The number of complaints responded to within 10 working days

•   The number of complaints resolved

•   The number of complaints at stage 2 & 3

•   Outstanding complaints

•   Complaints not responded to within the 10 day time period

•   Analysing patterns


Queries, Amendments & Review

 Any queries should be addressed to the Human Resources Department.  Any amendments will be notified by revision of this document.

 This policy will be reviewed periodically.