Social media is hot commodity in every industry; more and more companies are using social media in order to boost their brand.

Many are also using it when looking to hire new employees.

In this installment of using social media in your job search, we are looking at Facebook. Facebook now has over 500 million users, with over 250 million logging on every day. With Facebook as the most visited site on the web it is not hard to see how useful it can be in your job search.

Friends and networks

The simplest way of finding a job on Facebook is asking, ask your friends, family and networks if they know of any available positions. This way they know that you are looking and can keep an eye out for you. It can be daunting or embarrassing for some to ask job but sometimes it boils down to “if you don’t ask, you don’t get.”


Facebook pages are growing daily with companies looking to reach out to their customers. Actively like and follow companies that you would be willing to work for, you will find that they will announce if they have any vacancies. Again, there’s no harm in asking if they have any available positions. There are some job and location specific Facebook pages which will give you a greater chance of finding a job in your area of expertise and your local area.


Facebook Marketplace has a dedicated job section with over 100,000 jobs being advertised. This is a great place to find jobs in your local area or all over the country and do so in a more personal manner. Most recruiters will use their personal Facebook accounts to post jobs, as a result if you reply to the post they will be able to see your public profile. Which leads us on to...

Privacy settings

Facebook has been taking privacy a lot more seriously recently, and this is a sign that you should be too. With reports of staff being fired because of a simple Facebook update occurring almost daily, it’s crucial that you lockdown your profile from prying eyes. Here’s a few simple rules:

  • Choose a suitable profile pictures – Yes you can show yourself having fun but don’t choose something that crosses the line.
  • Ensure only friends can view your wall, status updates and pictures – It’s the easiest way to ensure information gets out only to the people you want to see it.
  • Groups – This is a great way group certain people, whether it's work, family or friends. Creating groups allow you to send messages to just one particiular group.

During these tough economical times job seekers must use every tool available to them to stand out from the crowd. Hopefully this article has given you some ideas on how to utilise everything Facebook has to offer.

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